How to Use Twitter Lists for Business


Twitter lists are a great way to help organize your Twitter experience. They can help you find and interact with the right people more easily as they will all be in designated lists of your choosing. But how do you create a Twitter list?   To create a Twitter list, go to your Twitter avatar and click lists.   Then click on Create New List   Now to name your Twitter list. You then have the opportunity to add a description and sort out the privacy settings. These elements are essential as other people may want to follow your lists. Make sure to


Facebook’s Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users, Beating Twitter


The photo sharing app has now reached 400 million worldwide users compared to Twitter’s 316 million. A blog post shared by Instagram has revealed that its users share more than 80 million images every day. Instagram was launched back in 2010 and was bought by Facebook in 2012. They said: “While milestones like this are important, what really excites us is the way that visual communication makes the world feel a little bit smaller to every one of us.” 75% of Instagram’s users now live outside of the US. Out of the last 100 million members to join, more than


This Tips and Tricks Will Help You to Master Snapchat


Snapchat is one of the newer social weapons, but there may be various different hacks that you may not have known about. These tips and tricks will help you make the most out of Snapchat’s features without downloading third party applications.   Adding people Other people can add you by pointing their phone at the ghost on your profile, then tapping on their screen. This is basically a QR code. Screenshot your Snapchat profile and share it over social media for people to easily find you on the app.   Getting the colours white and black On android, the colours


New Facebook Features For Business You Need To Know


Are you up to date with all of the latest Facebook updates? Some of the most recent updates on the social networking site could have a big impact on your business. Below we have a run through of some of the most important updates that are likely to effect your business.


What is Periscope and How Can Your Business Use It?


The live streaming app from the guys at Twitter has been a hit, celebrities have made the most of their hefty Twitter followings and give their fans a behind the scenes look at their lives and general day to day goings on. But how can you and your business utilize its popularity to expand your reach online and promote your brand?   What is Periscope? In short, Periscope is social streaming. It is an easy way to broadcast live video from your smartphone or tablet. Anyone who has the app can view your live stream, anywhere in the world. It


3 Tips for Managing a Company Twitter Account as a Team


On Twitter you want to make a good impression to your audience. Sometimes you want to make sure that you’re there first to a story or give your opinion, but if multiple people have access to your business or company Twitter account then there can very easily be crossover and similar tweets being posted.


Do You Have A Strategy For Vine?


Video is fast becoming the most popular way to market within business, and with over 100 million people watching Vines every month according to TechCrunch, isn’t it time that you get on Vine if you aren’t already? The six second videos have turned social media users into overnight celebrities, as they pack comedy in to six second shorts, but it can be an extremely useful tool for your business. There are certainly advantages to using Vine, but you might want to think first about how you want your brand message to be delivered. Do you have a clear plan of


10 of The Dumbest Social Media Blunders Ever

10 of The Dumbest Social Media Blunders Ever

Social media is being increasingly used to help expand the internet presence for companies. Promoting your brand and engaging with consumers has never been easier. Although it can be an extremely useful tool, if you’re not careful and you get it wrong, it can very quickly generate a storm of negative publicity. Here are some of the dumbest social media blunders ever. Make sure you don’t follow in their footsteps!


How to Increase Your Engagement on Instagram


With more than 150 million active monthly users and counting, Instagram is a platform you should definitely be utilizing. Visual marketing is on the rise and around 55 million photos are uploaded every day. Interacting with your audience is just one key way to help increase your engagement on Instagram, ranging from likes and comments to following people. Here are some ways in which you can improve your engagement on Instagram and make your brand more visible.


7 Ways To Increase Your Presence on LinkedIn

Increase Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to build your network, your business and influence. There are many different ways to help increase your presence on the business -oriented social networking site, to create a strong group of connections and get noticed more. Here we look at some of the top ways to increase your presence on LinkedIn.