Are You Utilizing Tumblr’s Audience?

Are You Utilizing Tumblr’s Audience?

Have you considered Tumblr for your business? Well if not then you definitely should do!

Tumblr is a platform that has a lot of potential for your business, as the networking site has a young educated audience. With close to 19 million users, Tumblr is another potential avenue for your business.

Tumblr includes elements of WordPress, Facebook and Pinterest.

It has the blogging functionality of WordPress, the social features like Facebook, with hashtags, sharing, liking, following and the Pinterest like image management.

Here are some practices which you should really get into on Tumblr


Link to Your Main Website

By doing these things to your posts, it is more likely that people will engage with your company on and off Tumblr


Link Your Images to Your Tumblr Page

By doing this, no matter how viral your images may go, users will always be able to find their way back to you.


Follow Other Blogs

Following similar or likeminded businesses helps to show community support and could establish connections.


Make Sure to Add Social Sharing Buttons

Try to encourage sharing and reposting on various other platforms so you can increase your reach.


Use Hashtags

Much like Twitter does, Tumblr uses search for hashtags which helps users find new content. Make sure that content is yours!


Respond to Comments

Engaging with followers helps to earn their trust, respond to comments they leave and increase their engagement with comments and links.


Here are some facts which will help to optimize engagement through video

  • Brand Facebook Page visits are higher after watching a video featuring non-celebrities vs. those with celebrities. You gain more trust with a human connection.
  • There is a higher click through rate watching videos on mobile phones vs. watching on desktop computers.
  • There is a much higher engagement for 1 minute videos vs. 10-20 minute videos, when engagement is defined as watching an entire video. This matters when a video’s purpose is to present a complete package of information with a Call to Action at the end.

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