An old tradition


Has one of the first Twitter traditions gone?

For the more recent joiners of Twitter who may not necessarily know what on earth #FF is, essentially #FF stands for Friday Follow. The idea was to help your new followers or favourite followers grow their twitter pages, by @ing them in the FF tweet. You would typically have 5 people with a ‘have a nice weekend’ style message.

It became such a must in the Twitter world, I attended a social media 101 about 2 years ago which had a 10 minute section just on #FF! It was just good manners like holding the door open or saying good morning to your colleagues. Whether the idea actually yielded more followers, who knows! Maybe this is a reason for their diminishing existence, but this could be a sign that Twitter is developing as a community.

On the back of this, let’s get talking. Do you agree Twitter is developing a community? Are there any Twitter trends you are noticing or taking part in?

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