An introduction to audience insights: Tips


Having limited success with your ads which are using your built audience? Check out our tips for making an audience just right for you;

1. Page affinity
I touched on this in part 2. Page affinity is how likely members of your target audience are to like another page. In the example below, we see an audience built for Beautifully Social. Typically our client base is small business owners and entrepreneurs.

2. Activity
Keep an eye on how likely your audience is to like pages and click ads. You audience could be perfectly tailored to your client base, but if they are less likely to click ads (than the rest of Facebook) then it’s highly unlikely they’re going to like yours. Sorry. Truth hurts.

3. Keep interests similar, to a minimum and reflective of your offering
You’re a small independent toy shop and your typical customer is a stereotypical mother (apologies for the stereotyping here!). They may like Wine, new parenting pages, coffee shops and the X Factor. Facebook looks at the entire audience of these pages – Not all Wine, coffee shop and X Factor likers are going to be mothers, but you can bet your bottom dollar a new parent page will have mothers a large proportion of mothers. In this situation, target similar new parent pages rather than the wide variety.

4. Trial and error
Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of budget on making mistakes. The more you explore the better and you will begin to gain an understanding of how your audiences respond.

5. Quality over quantity
A common mistake in this field is segment an audience that has the highest number of potential reach. WRONG! An audience of 20,000 targeted individuals over a random audience of 20 million is 120,000% better. Engaging the targeted individuals will see your organic growth increase.

6. Don’t always blame your audience
Make sure your ads are targeted towards your audience. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how poor a generic ad will perform to a targeted group.

Any personal tips or questions? Comment away!

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