An introduction to audience insights part 2


Part 1 of this blog looked at how you view the audience you are creating. We will now go over how to create that audience.

Your audience is created using the options down the left hand side of audience insights. We’ll go through the options 1 by 1.

Target based on location. This can be country, city or region. You must make sure the cities and regions are in the same country. Example: You can’t target London and Sri Lanka.


Age and Gender:
I am sure I don’t need to explain this.


The first of these tabs where you see the power of information on Facebook. Target people based on their interests. There are 9 major categories which split into loads of useful sub categories. You can an entire major category (example: Business and Industry) or a sub category (example: Entrepreneur). You can also target based on page likes which helps greatly with building an excellent audience. You can assume if someone likes Audi they’ll like BMW. If they like your competitor, there’s a strong chance they’ll want to hear about your product too.


Page connections:
Choose to include or exclude people who have liked your pages


Explaining everything in this part of the menu would take a while, but I am sure you understand by now how the menu works. Some particularly useful features here are the ability to target Facebook page admins, event creators, gamers, language, relationship status and so much more!


Using the above along with part 1, you should know how to create a very targeted audience – aka the backbone of a killer ad campaign. Our tips on creating an audience will follow in our next blog post.

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