‘Alex from Target’


If there ever was an example of social media power, this is definitely one of them. It is also proof teenagers with a smartphone can make anyone they find attractive a star – providing the other like minded teens agree.

‘Alex from Target’ was snapped on and tweeted by a teen user with #AlexFromTarget. The photo blossomed virally and trended worldwide, with some funny pictures and memes being tweeted – some a little creepy to be honest. It has become such big news, it made it onto the radio on my commute to work this morning. Amazing!

His twitter account (@acl163) now has 583k and I’m sure Alex is getting attention he never dreamed of. Even his ‘bae’ (which translates to Girlfriend – we think) has 26.5k followers who, by the way, isn’t too happy with all the female attention he is now getting. Youtube made Justin Bieber and now Twitter has made Alex From Target. I dare say we will be seeing the little scamp on many a teen promotion over the next year and I predict we will see him on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” in the near future.

Search #AlexFromTarget and see it for yourself. There are some great pictures and funny tweets! We have included some below;

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