A handy Facebook Insights tip

Facebook Insights Top Tip

Here at Beautifully Social we love Facebook Audience Insights. So many of our, well, insights are found there. We have found one little problem though, but we’ve also found the solution… and it’s still provided by Facebook!

To highlight our problem we’ll use a specific example – we want insights on Admin Assistants in the UK. We trust you can extrapolate from this.

So using Audience Insights we’d select United Kingdom as the location. So far so good.


Then, under ‘Work’ we want to put in Admin Assistants. Unfortunately this is when we hit our hurdle. Facebook forces us to choose the more general ‘Administrative’.


It’s certainly not useless but it isn’t what we want. Luckily the fix is really simple.

Select ‘Create Ad the top right of the screen.


Simply create a bogus campaign, it doesn’t matter what as you won’t be saving this.

Now, when you go to ‘Job Titles’ there are loads more options to pick from.



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