4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!

Whether you are new to using LinkedIn or have been on the site for years, as a business it is so important to have a strong a detailed content strategy in order to maximize the exposure of your content on LinkedIn! If you’ve not thought this through or if your current approach just isn’t working then here are 4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!

4 LinkedIn tips for women!

There are more powerful women in business then ever before, one in five FTSE 100 business have women sitting on their boards however there is still a long way to go before it is truly equal. LinkedIn is great way for you to get yourself noticed by employers and other businesses but unfortunately it is the only major social network to be dominated by men, so what can women do to try and fight this and make more of an impact on LinkedIn?

6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

It is an incredibly tough job market out there, so making sure you have the best possible personal brand will help you sell yourself to employers. Your personal brand is simply you. How you act, how you work, what are your skills and attributes, how do you behave? Making sure that these questions are properly answered is the key to selling yourself. Using LinkedIn you have the opportunity to create and present this brand to thousands of people, so here are 6 ways to improve your personal brand on LinkedIn.

7 Ways To Increase Your Presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to build your network, your business and influence. There are many different ways to help increase your presence on the business -oriented social networking site, to create a strong group of connections and get noticed more. Here we look at some of the top ways to increase your presence on LinkedIn.

The Two Ways to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

You need to promote yourself as well as your brand or company and for that LinkedIn can be invaluable. There are loads of great tools to help you grow your network – here are the two most important factors for making sure you get the best out of them and successfully network on LinkedIn.

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