7 Ways To Increase Your Presence on LinkedIn

Increase Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to build your network, your business and influence. There are many different ways to help increase your presence on the business -oriented social networking site, to create a strong group of connections and get noticed more.

Here we look at some of the top ways to increase your presence on LinkedIn.

Updating Your Profile

Updating your profile page frequently is important. You should add new skills as you gain them, which should also lead to your connections endorsing you as you go along.

Your profile on LinkedIn is essentially an online version of your CV. You can include your job experience, education and a list of your skills.

LinkedIn also measures how complete your profile is, giving advice at how to improve it and what sections still need to be filled in.

Posts and updates on LinkedIn are more industry and professionally focused than the content shared on social networks like Facebook. You should take this into account when trying to increase engagement.


Complete Summary Section

This is your chance to really sell yourself to your target audience. You should make the most of the 2,000 characters you have available, as it is arguably the most important section on your profile. A summary of 40 words and over is more likely to turn up in a future employees search. Writing in first person is also important.

You should share stories, experiences and achievements. It is also worth including contact information as well. Make it as easy as possible for people to contact you.


Grow Your Network 

Building connections on LinkedIn is one of the main aspects of increasing your presence on LinkedIn. You can search people by name and send an invite with a personalized message to make it more formal. You can also import email connections and search for Alumni from any Universities or Colleges you may have studied at. They are likely to be heading into or be in a similar job sector to you, so will be extremely useful in terms of helping build connections.

It’s also worth checking out the “People You May Know” page. This will determine more suggestions based on who is already in your network. These will then be ranked by degree. The people you are connected to are 1st degree connections. Those you aren’t yet connected to, but who are linked to your 1st degree connections, are 2nd degree connections.

You will get notifications letting you know who’s visited your profile, unless they remain anonymous. LinkedIn allows you to see how you rank against your connections for profile views, which will give you a comparative view of how your page is performing.


Professional Gallery

This is a great chance to showcase your best work. This could be in the form of a presentation, video link, audio, documents or links to other sites your work may be on. This can help to reaffirm some of the skills and achievements you may have already listed in your profile.



Joining groups may be a very simple thing, but it gives potential connections an idea of what interests you have, both personally and professionally. Groups are also places where other experts and professionals can share recent news, advice or queries.

Contributing to discussions on groups you’ve joined can help you see what like minded people think on a certain subject, issue or news story. Also, beginning a discussion yourself is a great way to get advice, opinions and to potentially expand your network.

You are also 5 times more likely to have your profile viewed if you are active in groups.


Business Pages

With company pages, you can showcase your business and connect to your target audience. A LinkedIn company page can help to raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities and educate potential clients on your services.

Followers are the key to spreading your message, with recommendations and referrals. You have the ability to develop a large community and increase engagement.

Company Pages help to build relationships and to strengthen existing customer relationships by sharing content through updates. It has never been easier to connect with your audience.

Following companies on LinkedIn provides you with frequent updates, and relevant information, including news, job openings and departures. You are also able to see what connections you have that work for that company or who follow the page too.


Upgraded Account

LinkedIn Premium helps you stand out from the crowd. You can enhance your profile with a larger photo and an expanded profile header.

Your listing is also 2 x more prominent than other search results, getting you ahead of the crowd and noticed more. Premium gives you keywords that will increase your chances of appearing in relevant search results


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