7 Tips To Create Engaging Page Posts on Facebook

Engaging Content on Facebook

Facebook offers some really useful advice on how to increase engagement, improve your chances of being shown in people’s News Feeds. These simple tips can really make the difference if you’re not doing them already.

1. Use link posts to drive people to your website.

Link posts now have a larger, clickable area, which will help to drive people to your website. Just enter the website URL and hit enter. Facebook will automatically choose the description and image, but along with the title, you’ll be able to customize these to your liking.


2. Use engaging copy, images and videos.

Images and videos get a lot more attention and will aid the message you’re trying to convey. These will help your post stand out in the newsfeed. Boosting posts although it costs money will help your post reach more people and potentially a different audience. The shorter and more precise your post is, the better received it will be.


3. Create conversation

Creating conversation, whether it’s through a competition post or controversial thought provoking idea, get your audience to share their views.

This will also help you to listen to your customers and continuously improve your brand or product.


4. Make sure to be timely

Posting out at the time of an event or just before is paramount. Your audience are much more likely to engage with you when a topic is current or surrounding holidays. Replying to comments or queries quickly is also important. The sooner you reply to a comment, the more reliability you show and the more engagement you should get in the future.


5. Scheduling Posts

When the weekend comes, all you want to do is kick back and relax. Making sure your Facebook page is still in full flow though couldn’t be easier. Schedule posts in advance of particular events and holidays, or simply just throughout the day. Click on publishing tools at the top of the page, then you will see a small list on the left hand side. Here you will see what you have already published and what you have scheduled. Simply press create, post what you want and then with the drop down arrow next to publish, click schedule and you’ll be able to pick and choose when you want it to go out.


6. Target your posts

If posts are meant for specific groups of people or have a particular area of interest, then you can target your posts sharing tool. The target icon in the bottom left corner will allow you to select Ad Targeting. The different groups you can target could centre on gender, educational status, interests, age, and location amongst others. Your content will go straight to the ones that are most likely to be interested.


7. Review your page performance

Learn more from your Facebook insights. You’ll see the engagement rate, how far your posts have reached as well as more detailed information about your audience and their interests. This will help you to start tailoring your posts more efficiently.

If you found this helpful, then why not explore these useful tips about how to manage your Facebook page as a whole.

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