6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

It is an incredibly tough job market out there, so making sure you have the best possible personal brand will help you sell yourself to employers. Your personal brand is simply you. How you act, how you work, what are your skills and attributes, how do you behave? Making sure that these questions are properly answered is the key to selling yourself. Using LinkedIn you have the opportunity to create and present this brand to thousands of people, so here are 6 ways to improve your personal brand on LinkedIn.

#1. Create a brand identity.

Creating a brand identity for yourself can be done with the smallest actions. Something as little as customising your connection requests and messages can show other users how you present your personal brand. Be consistent with this approach and you will be respected for your individual and professional approach.  Know how you want to present yourself and stick to it.

#2. Make sure your brand is consistent.

When you know what your brand is you need to make sure all the channels you are using stick to the same message. Think of this as good housekeeping. There is nothing worse than an employer or possible network opportunity getting mixed messages from your different formats. They will think you are untrustworthy at worst and at best unorganised. Start with your C.V. and then make sure all the information is correct across the board.

#3. Make your own headlines.

Your headline is your brands slogan. What does your personal brand do and stand for?  This may be the only thing someone viewing your profile my see, so grab their attention using clear and concise statements about what you offer. Try to use terms employers search for or phrases that would describe your brand uniquely.

#4. Show what brand does.

You could be the most talented person in the world or at least be able to sell yourself as if you were, but if no one can see it, it’s ultimately pointless. You need to get eyeballs onto your brand. Include your LinkedIn profile URL on as many different formats as possible. C.V’s, social media sites and any opportunity you get to show off your brand. Other LinkedIn users can also keep update with anything you are doing if you regularly update your LinkedIn status.

#5. Connect with more established brands.

You want to associate yourself with as many reputable brands as possible, this can be personal and business brands. Use LinkedIn to connect with people that will improve your image through the connection.  Whether its friends, peers, lecturers or even industry leaders, the company you keep will say a lot about your brand.

#6 Share your brand with others on LinkedIn

This can be done in two different ways. Firstly utilise the groups you can join on LinkedIn. By joining groups where your skills and experience lie, you can not only build up similarly minded contacts but show off your brand to people who might need someone with your skill set. Every comment, question and action within the group is a chance to market your brand. Secondly, give help and advice to those who need it. It’s not only a nice thing to do but it will give you an opportunity to hone your skills. Simple things like sharing job leads and providing endorsements can improve your brands reputation and people will continue to come back and use your brand.

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