6 ways Pinterest can help your small business grow!


Pinterest is huge right now, like unbelievably so. The social site drives more traffic to websites than Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and almost all others. It has become a huge favourite for customers looking for the latest trends, tips and content. As a small business owner, it is so important to come across as personal and friendly and Pinterest is perfect for doing this. Here are 6 ways that you can grow you business and more importantly your business’s reputation.

#1 Attract different audiences to your product or service. 

You know what your target audience is and we’re sure you’ve targeted them across your different social platforms, but how about trying to expand your audience to get new sales? This can be easily done on Pinterest. All you need to do is think of other areas of your market that could be targeted and create separate Pnterest boards for each of them. Then fill these boards with aspirational and actionable pins that will entice your new audience.

For example. if you run a small restaurant, try filling a board with foods perfect for events. This will attract audiences who are looking for caterers and your exciting and engaging pins will draw them to your buisness. Use Pinterest analytics to monitor what is working and what isn’t.

#2 Know what products people like.

If you offer a wide range of products, it can be hard to give equal time to them all on your social media platforms. Some products may be under performing due to lack of exposure. Create several different boards each dedicated to one product to see which ones are the most popular with your audience. Use lots of images showing your products in action and well thought out descriptions to see which ones catch the eye of the engaged and creative Pinterest audience. You can then adjust your focus onto the best performing products.


#3 Mix personal and business boards.

Obviously this should be done with some caution but by mixing your personal pins with those of your business, you can give your audience a really personal feel when they view your boards. This is especially important for small business because this can be your main appeal. The audience of Pinterest prefer smaller more personal business practices than the usual tactics carried out by major companies. If they see your product as being loved and owned by an actual person with a personality and thoughts and likes they are more likely to engage with what you are selling.

#4 Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

This is a great way of getting exposure for your small business. A group board is just like a normal board except other people (your clients, audience etc.) are allowed to pin as well. These boards are not only a great way to interact with your customers but it can also dramatically increase your followers and exposure to people outside your market, thus growing your audience. If done correctly the majority of the pinning will be done for you, so not only will you have your audience creating your content but you will know what they want you to be offering.


#5 Run a competition to generate interest. 

‘Pin it to win’ competitions are a great way to increase your followers and likes. A handy tool for when you’re just starting out, they can spread like wild fire and you will see you numbers growing quickly, which is when you capatalise on all the extra eyeballs looking at your products. Before you start, try and have a prize which will actually get people excited. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a freebie but a £5 voucher to your e-store may not set the world on fire. Use apps like Woobox and Votigo to help you set up your competition, but make sure it is within the Pinterest rules.

#6 Build Relationships with influencers. 

Like all social media platforms, Pinterest has its own influencers. Those people who stand out in their own particular field. It make take some time but try to find those who are most popular in your industry or with your target audience, if your a selling art supplies try to find a local artist or a popular art blogger and start a communication with them. This can be done by following them, repining their content and makes sure to leave positive and insightful comments. Eveentully if you make an impact and your product or service is to their liking, they will start pinning your posts and increasing the number of people who see what you have to offer. If this continues to go well you can make them brand ambassadors, a relationship that is profitable for both parties.


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