6 Useful Twitter Ad Targeting Strategies

Twitter Targeting

Twitter has some extremely valuable advertising tools to get your brand into news-feeds, where ads offer an equally important experience to organic content.

These particular ad strategies will help you to utilize Twitter Ads more than ever before.

Before we kick off it would probably be wise to point you in the direction of our Twitter for beginners post… Without these basics Twitter will never work for you the way you want it to. Now on with the show!

  1. Get Creative with Keyword Targeting.

Using various different social engines such as “Topsy” can really help you nail down keyword targeting. You can search specific keywords and you’ll be able to see how often a word has appeared within the last week and also compare three separate terms over the previous month to see which ranks highest.


  1. Tailoring Your Audiences

Remarketing and retargeting is something which you must be doing. Twitter’s product Tailored Audiences launched in 2013 and works in the same way to other similar tools. Visitors to your website are tagged so that you can then get noticed again by them on Twitter with a targeted message. You will be able to assess their behavior in order to make the next step.

This will help you to decide what content you retarget them with. It could be an offer for a specific product or it could just be a piece of content on a topic you already know they’re interested in.

  1. Appeal to Similar Audiences

Promoted tweets cost around $0.55 per click. They’re a good option to help you build authority and get noticed. It enables you to deliver tweets to specific users and during specific moments.

Promoted tweets also let you target followers of accounts similar to those of your company’s larger competitors.


  1. Use Partner Audiences to Gain Larger Reach

Twitter launched “Partner Audiences” in March to give advertisers the ability to target users based on their offline activity.

There are over 1000 audiences available, with 14 broad audience categories, including Technology and Finance. These options allow you to get extremely specific, layering insights based on their offline characteristics. These images will give you more of an idea just how specific this allows you to be.


  1. Target the Right Devices for your Landing Page.

Twitter targeting allows you to choose which devices to target. Make sure that your landing page is mobile optimized, because then mobile Twitter users will have a much better experience when they get sent there.

  1. Add Lookalike-Only-Targeting To Expand Your Reach

This lets you reach users who are like your best existing customers and is useful for mobile app promotion campaigns. If you wanted to get your ad in front of people who are likely to install a mobile app for example, lookalikes gives you the ability to reach similar users to those who have already installed it.


If you want a bit more Twitter knowledge in your life you could always check out our History of the Hashtag, its #quiteinteresting.

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