50 Shades Twitter Q&A Backfires

50 Shades of Q&A

On Monday E L James, author of the highly acclaimed hugely popular 50 Shades series, held a Twitter Q&A. Hilarity follows, so lets have a look, a laugh, and maybe even learn something about the way Twitter marketing works.

The internet was not going to let E L James have a Q&A without getting some shots in, so lets take a look at some of the best:

But there are of course serious ethical questions about the content of the 50 Shades series as well as fun jokes to be made, and James opened herself up to these:

And then going back to the lighter end of the questioning:

All of this of course raises a good question…

…and a pithy answer

But lets face it, if these sort of questions bother James she can dry her tears with banknotes.

As discussed before, the cornerstone to dealing with negativity online is offering understanding and an apology (if appropriate), That isn’t possible for this case as what people are taking umbridge with is the product itself, a product James and her team stand by.

Ultimately, the question of ‘why’ any marketing team would advise a Twitter Q&A for James is publicity.

99.9% of people know how they feel about 50 Shades and this isn’t going to change it, but it does create a news story, even (or more likely especially the negative responses. I mean, we’re talking about it here and we never mention 50 Shades normally.



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