5 ways to use Snapchat to show off your business!


As we have seen the growth of Snapchat, more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon and embracing the 10 second wonder. It seems to have got the creative juices flowing of marketers everywhere and has now been picked up by big brands as way to grow a more personal relationship with their audiences. Snapchat is a once in a generation outlet and you would be silly not to use it. Here are just 5 ways to use Snapchat to show off your business!

#1 Easy and clean communications. 

Snapchat allows brands to directly interact with their audiences, you know that they engaged with your brand. Another big plus of the direct interaction is you don’t let other possibly disgruntled customers affect your message. On Facebook and Twitter it is easy for customers to get lost in reams and reams of comments, possibly ruining their customer experience. On Snapchat the channels are easy, clean and only what you want them to see.

#2 Tease a product to generate interest.

Because of it’s limited viewing time and throw away mentality, you can perfectly tease your audiences in a way similar to a self-destructing letter. With these sorts of limits, the greater the intrigue. Start by sending short 3-4 second Snaps of a bit of your product. Slowly showing more and more will mean your customers will keep coming back to your account for updates. If even 100 people see the reveal, they will then tell others who wont have even seen the Snap, thus expanding the reach you have and increases the interest in your product.


#3 Offer limited time discounts.

People love free things and saving money. You will be amazed what a customer is willing to do for a discount code or free sample. You can use Snapchat to take advantage of this like almost no other platform. From simply advertising that you will be offering discounts to Snapchat followers to rewarding those who send you Snaps with personalised codes. Due to the direct nature of the format, these freebie or discount giveaways can be given to as many of few people as you want or can handle. Other customers may hear about the offers and want to get them, increasing the demand for your content and brand.


#4 Show people what you’re doing. 

If your brand is having an product launch, featuring at a convention on any type of event you really should be showing everyone what you’re up to. This creates a personal bond with your audience because it makes your brand seem more human than business. Now if you are just doing the event, taking lots of photos and them uploading them as an album on Facebook or Twitter people aren’t very likely to engage. The story feature on Snapchat allows you to have an ongoing story of your day. Post regular updates every hour or so to give your audience a easily digestible look at what your company is up to. Be sure to be creative with it and use the paint features to jazz up dull Snaps.


#5 Engage with a younger audience. 

Snapchat is without doubt a young persons game. It’s core demographic is 18-24 and almost certainly the majority of that is towards the younger side of that group. If your own demographic is similar then it will be a powerful marketing channel. It’s current, trendy and it’s where all the import influencers. If your product or service isn’t aimed at this group it might be worth giving it a go. You might get a few new customers and in the long run it might be worth sticking with it. As Ken Wisnefski, founder and CEO of Internet marketing company WebiMax says:

“For marketers catering to an older demographic, Snapchat isn’t going to provide them with the return on investment to make it worthwhile. Of course, there was once a time when Facebook was viewed as a platform for younger people, and that is certainly no longer the case.” 


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