5 tips to help your brand inspire and engage on Instagram


Instagram is almost the perfect platform for any brand because of it’s easy to use nature and focus on visuals. There is almost know way you can have a social media fail on Instagram and bring negative press for your business. The nature of Instagram success comes not from just simply having a page and having followers but being able to go above and beyond that and engage and inspire your audience. Many people simply let their brands Instagram page float along but by following these 5 simple tips you can achieve the same sort of Instagram success as those with the surname Kardashian.

#1 Inspire action

We all know that in order to get followers both on your Instagram account and for your brand itself you need to inspire some sort of call to action. Normally this involves selling a product or service but if you take your Instagram account out of the sales mindset you can achieve something big. Utilise the hashtag feature to create something that your audience can get behind whether it’s getting them to go out and do something or create something and post it on their profiles (the later is excellent because it increases your presence on the platform). By getting your audience to carry out an action for you, you force them to engage.



#2 Share the experiences of your users

Show your followers what life is like for people who use your brand. This is obviously easier for some brands then others, but if you do sell a ‘boring’ product then let your creative juices flow, show how your brand can improve lives, businesses and relationships.If you have enough of an Instagram audience you can get them to show you and create the content for you, if you don’t then use your team members to take pictures of themselves using and enjoying your product. This will install confidence and trust in your brand.



#3 Take beautiful photos

First and foremost Instagram is all about the pictures. In order to be successful in any way you have to make sure your photos are aesthetically appealing. Use the built in filters to improve your images and watch the likes sore. There are also so many photos of your products that your audience can take, so mix it up. All your photos don’t have to be what you sell, take beautiful pictures of your office or stunning scenery, it gives your brand personality and your audience will stop scrolling past your posts.

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#4 Promote but don’t over post

Like any social media platform, knowing when and how often to post is key to reaching engaging and more importantly not annoying your audience. You should have a plan in place before you start posting. Uploading an albums worth of images is just going to clog up peoples feeds and drive them away from your brand. Try not to force yourself into peoples lives, let them come and engage with your content naturally. At the same time you want to make sure you promote the fact you have an Instagram account across all your other formats. Try running picture competitions on Instagram and promoting the competition on Twitter and Facebook, forcing them back to your Instagram account.



#5. Sell your product

Earlier we told you to take yourself out of the sales mindset, but we all know old habits die hard. Instagram its self isn’t created to produce conversions and make sales but that doesn’t mean you can’t make people aware of sales and offers you have, We live in an age when people shop online as the norm, so make sure you tell your audience how, what and where they can buy your products. Mix your beautiful pictures with graphics showing offers and sales you have on with links to your online shop.You can make sales from Instagram but you have to be smart about it!

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