5 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips to Improve Your Results!

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If you are looking at ways to improve your Twitter marketing then are very simple things you may have missed. Even Twitter pros can be missing out on perfect engagement opportunities because they have failed to optimize Twitter’s basic features. We won’t let that happen to you, we have 5 simple twitter Marketing tips to improve your results!

#1. Create and Share Curated Lists

An often overlooked feature, the reason to use Twitter lists is to group people together based on a similar objective, characteristic or interest. Using Twitter lists are so simple that a lot of people often overlook them but is a such a great tool at your disposal.

From using them to create a list of people attending a similar event so you can monitor their tweets and interact with them in the run-up to the event to having a list of all your industries influencers so they are easily contactable and saved in one place. Lists are just one thing that will make your business life easier.


Another way that they are useful is to monitor your competition. Twitter lists can be private so no one has to see who you are grouping together and why. They can also be made public, which is a quick way to grow your Twitter community. Simply let them know that you’ve added them to a list. They will then usually reply or retweet as a thank-you for sharing their profile with your followers, thus growing your brand and your profile.

#2. Favorite Good Content and Mentions

It may simple very simple but favourting good content and mentions is something that has a huge affect on how your brand appears to your audience. It is a great way to build contacts, simply hit favourite on something you like and it shows them that you like what they’ve written. You will then appear in their notifications and the relationship can build from their.

A great way to build a good bond with your customers is to favorite tweets that mention you, rather than responding to each tweet which can be time consuming. There is one thing to remember though, if you are thinking of using one of the many bots or sites that encourage automatic favouriting,remember to use them with extreme caution. Automatic favouriting often does more harm than good and Twitter may suspend your account if they think you’re over-favouriting.

#3 Reply to the Right Audience in the Right Way

Part of any form of customer service is to make sure that you handle each situation on its own merit. This is the same if you are talking to your customers on Twitter. When dealing directly with a customer on the social network, start your replies with @username to decrease the number of people who see a conversation. This is especially handy if you’re replying to a user who has had a bad experience.

However if you want to speak to more people with a positive message, start your tweet with a full stop then the username: .@username This way your tweet will reach as many people as possible, spreading the good vibes about your company across the web.



#4 Track Tweet Engagement

Since the introduction of Twitter Analytics there is no need to use third-party tools or invest in Twitter ads to measure the reach of your tweets. Once you have access to the analytics within Twitter, you can view the engagement of each of your organic tweets and see how many impressions they have had.

The data can tell you the best type of tweets to send, the best wording to use and even the most effective time of day to send them. This is great for streamlining your output and making the tweets you send as effective as possible. Before you know it, you’ll find the magic tweet formula!

#5 Ensure that Images and Videos Show Up

In a survey conducted by Twitter of over 2 million tweets found that including a photo in a tweet can boost retweets by up to 35% and adding a video can result in a 28% boost. Including an extra media format in your tweet is important for engagement, but how you add them to your tweets is what matters.

Twitters Image Expand feature is useful because it attracts users’ eyes within the feed but remember that only works if you tweet via the Twitter app or the website itself. For videos, Twitter is integrated with video-sharing sites such as Vine and YouTube both are great for adding an extra dimension to your social media output!


You also add GIFs to your tweets to make your social media marketing more creative. This can only be done on twitter.com or its mobile app, you can’t use third-party tools just yet.

With so many options available, it’s silly not to add a video or image to your tweets to enhance your marketing message.

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