5 creative ways to improve your Twitter marketing!


There a countless number of Twitter accounts that simply just post ‘funny’ memes and bitly links of your products, then you are probably not using Twitter to it’s full potential. Audiences, especially online audiences are so used to the format that has been set out, (we give you one piece of content then we try to sell you something) that even the most unsavvy user will spot it a mile off and go running.

Digital marketing agencies need to be cleverer than that. You need to create either an experience or a reward in return for your customers attention and due to the vast number of choice, you will have to work that bit harder in order to get a sale. There is however many ways that you can not only flex your creative muscles and improve your Twitter marketing and here just five to get you started.

#1 Hashtag Rewarding

Twitter accounts live and die by how well received their hashtags are. Hashtags are the lifeblood of twitter and if done correctly, your brand can have a viral hit on their hands. The best way to achieve this is rewarding your customers for using it. Like we said earlier, you have offer something for their attention. This can be something a simple as a discount code or exclusive content but could go as far as creating something to payback those who used your hashtag much in the way the England rugby team did. Using the hashtag #CarryThemHome they asked their audience for messages of support. The best ones were chosen to be put in the tunnel at Twickenham for the players to see.

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#2 Flock to Unlock

A perfect way to drive interest and increase engagement is to offer a reward when a certain number of Twitter users interact with you. For example Puma creates a customised Twitter card that meant that their latest ad campaign would be released when they received a certain number of tweets. This was a great way of driving huge numbers to your brand and therefore your product. You can obviously customise this ‘flock to unlock’ strategy to fit your company but if you can get the wording a reward right, you will engaged fans, more reach and almost certainly new customers.


#3 Get Your Community Creating Content

Crowd sourced content is a marketers gold mine. Essentially you let your audience deliver you content that you can just repackage. Not only is half the work done for you but you also seem more personal and easy to interact with, thus giving you loads of brand identity bonus points. One thing to avoid is just asking a question, if you offer them the opportunity to be a part of something that will become real, they are much more likely to engage. Get them to design you a new logo or create a new flavour or name for your product, anything that has worth in the real world will get your audience helping out.

#4 Live Tweeting

Now this is usually associated with breaking news or awkward first dates, but live tweeting an event can really improve how your brand is viewed by your audience. One idea is to live tweet someone using your product for the first time. This will give an excellent insight into how your product works with normal people and if all goes well can be an excellent PR exercise. If you give people a look into how your business runs they are guaranteed to be more likely to by from you.

#5 Talk to other Brands

In the age of ‘banter’ the witter your content, the more followers and coverage you are going to get! If you interact with other brands and can hold your own in a world of 140 character debates you will be able to show that your brand is authoritative, personal and entertaining. Take other brands to task on any social faux pas and make sure you put in a relevant hashtag. People love when companies have a voice and seeing two voices interacting is hugly appealing. Just make sure you and your marketing team are up to the task!

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