5 apps that will make you appear funnier on social media!


Social media is now full of more banter and funny pages then ever before and it seems that in order to get a head in the industry you have to be full of witty one liners, memes and sarcastic remarks. Even if your brand is selling something completely unfunny, you still need to put a humorous twist on what you’ve got to sell in order to generate and sort of attention. But how do you go about flexing your funny bone? We may have something to help.

The answer to any problem now seems to be, find an app that will do it for us and luckily for you we have apps that hold the answer to your problem. If you were born without a humorous bone in your body and need help asap, then check out these 5 apps that will make you appear funnier on social media!

1. Hide My Secret

A great way of creating instant hilarity is with this app that allows you to pixelate any portion of a photo. A great way to make subtle but funny pictures, is to pixelate a face of even blur out someones bits to make it appear that they are naked. Could also be a good way of creating competitions on social media. ‘Can you guess what is being pixelated?’ It seems the more sexual innuendo the better when it comes to a viral hit.

2. Songify 

A great app to produce a viral video, this app lets you record a vocal track and match it to any style of music. Simply rewrite the lyrics to a popular song with your company/industry/product instead and then record it using Songify. A quick and easy content generator that if done well could lead to a lot of views and likes.



Perfect for creating your own instantly shareable memes, Mematic is great for novices to use. You can either use photos from your gallery or ones you find online to create your own Scumbag Steve, Overly Attached Girlfriend or Facepalm meme. Just make sure that you have the witty copy to go with it.

4. 5sGIF

GIFs have become the biggest thing to hit the internet since, well, video, from those in the know like Reddit and Imgur to Channel 4. Everyone is using GIFs to get likes. 5sGIFs allow you to capture video on your device or use existing video or photos to create GIFs and then edit them with simple to use controls. You will want to jump on the bandwagon and this app is perfect.


5. Action Movie

Much like the Songify app, Action Movie lets you step into the glamour of Hollywood for free. You can add amazing special effects to your everyday videos. Selling insurance? Have one of your employees make a sales call whilst avoiding gunfire or fighting aliens. This has YouTube sensation written all over it.

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