4 Ways To Succeed With Pinterest Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins

If you want drive more traffic to your website through Pinterest you should really consider using promoted pins. It can help you reach more people and drive better results to your site. Here are 4 ways to succeed if you start using promoted pins on Pinterest.

#1 Use the Right Keywords!

One of the most crucial aspects of a Pinterest advertising campaign is keyword optimisation. With promoted pins you can include around 150 keywords with each post, so it is important to develop a strong keyword strategy.  Be creative with the words you choose because searching is huge on Pinterest and its means your audience will be able to find your content quickly and easily. Use specific words related to your post but remember to not go over board because if you target irrelevant keywords, ads are likely to be denied in the promoted pin approval process.



#2 Engage Target Audiences!

For any campaign to work you have to really understand who your primary and secondary audiences are. This is especially the case with promoted pins. Pinterest targeting allows you to pinpoint audiences by location, language, device and gender so make sure you do your research and target the right people at the right time. Remember searchers on Pinterest are already motivated and inspired so all you have to do is make sure you are aiming at the right people.



#3 Think Long Term!

Pinterest is the equivalent of a never ending billboard! This means that it is important to make sure your promoted pins have longevity. Your brand should achieve significant growth by focusing on initial goal conversion plus customer engagement (repins) that prompt downstream engagement. Don’t worry that someone hasn’t purchased your product the first time they see your advert, wait and as they repin and their friends repin you will generate sales.

#4 Bid Aggressively!

With the CPC (Costs Per Click) model that the promoted pins use, you only pay when people click through to your website. As a result you shouldn’t be afraid of spending more money in order to maximize your number of conversions. When creating a strategy, be sure to take advantage of the Pinterest feature which allows you to set up specific budgets per device. This specificity enables you to increase and decrease spend with more speed, precision and efficiency.



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