4 tips to help you launch your product using Facebook!


Gone are the days of launching a product simply by unveiling the product in front of your store to a small crowd of people. A ribbon and giant pair of scissors are no long needed, what is required is the ability to create a buzz and get the word out to the right people and Facebook is the perfect place to do it.

In order to generate the hype your require your product launch has to planned in detail, with plenty of thought and good content. To help you do this Facebook has tons of tools that will make your product the thing that is getting Facebook excited this week. Here are 4 tips to help you launch your product using Facebook!

1. Pre-Launch: Start planning early to build the buzz!

Preparation is key to a product launch, you’ll want to map out your launch strategy at least two months ahead. In order to generate the required hype you should think about what materials you will need during the launch.

From organising promotion partners to offering freebies as part of a campaign to get people onto your lists the secret to a good product launch is to make sure you have everything in place well in advance of the big day!

2. Pre-Launch: Start the teasing!

To start building buzz and generating excitement around your product or service, try posting teasers about it. Use all  forms of social media for this, but Facebook is amazing for it.

Use both your Facebook page and profile to let your Facebook fans and personal friends know that something is coming. One great way to generate the excitement for your product, try creating a video or series of teasing images because varied content increases reach and engagement.

Start the teasing as soon as possible, look at the way Bathers Beach House in Australia started posting about their restaurant months before it opened.



By sharing the building process, this page not only gained fans (over 4000) but this cleaver product launch meant that there were plenty of customers waiting on the opening day.

3. Launch: Keep the Excitement Going

Once the day of the launch arrives, you need to figure out what types of things you can do to keep the excitement going. Something like a Facebook contest is perfect for continuing the buzz around your product. Trying keeping some budget back for ads if you have a coupon or something special to offer.

Goorin Brothers, a boutique hat designer did this perfectly. After launching a new hat they continued the excitement by running a contest to have one of their Facebook win the chance to have the new hat named after them. The contest got 8,404 email entries and built up a lot of awareness around their hats and their brand.



4. Post-launch: Thank Your Audience and Assess Results

You will probably be relieved when you get to this stage bu it is important to thank everyone involved. Your audience, affiliate and promotional partners all played a part in launching your product so make sure you show them your appreciation. It is also important to tell you audiences what they can expect from you next!


Once the dust has settled on this product launch, you will want to look at your analytics and do a little research on which techniques worked the best for you. Everything you do is learning experience, Learn from this launch so you can improve the next one.

For great tips on getting the most from Facebook check out our article on How to build a successful Facebook page or our guide to getting the most out of Facebook on a budget.

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