4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!


Whether you are new to using LinkedIn or have been on the site for years, as a business it is so important to have a strong a detailed content strategy in order to maximize the exposure of your content on LinkedIn! If you’ve not thought this through or if your current approach just isn’t working then here are 4 steps you have to take to develop a successful LinkedIn content strategy!

#1: Publish on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Thanks to LinkedIn’s new update, everybody will now have access to the same content creation and sharing tools that had previously been reserved for selected LinkedIn influencers. The Publishing Platform will allow you to basically have your own on-site blog.



This is an excellent way of spreading your brands message to professionals in order to develop a strong business relationship. Once published, your content is posted near the top of your LinkedIn profile so anyone viewing it also sees your latest articles. By putting your own, easy to read message on the world’s biggest social media network for professionals it will be seen by engaged audience who want to interact with you.

#2 Leverage SlideShare

Using SlideShare presentations on your profile, is a great marketing tactic for LinkedIn. It can be an amazing tool for reinforcing your expertise in your niche and help build your reputation as a thought leader.

Because LinkedIn owns SlideShare, it goes the extra mile to make sure your SlideShare presentations display well on both desktop and mobile.This is a definite bonus, considering how important mobile is.


#3 Drive click-throughs by using images!

At times visual content is all you need to generate interest. Follow the example of Instagram an Pinterest. By making your stories visual you entice more people to click on links and give your brand an image. You can also add big and bold text to your image. Some of the most popular posts on LinkedIn involve visuals mixed with intriguing text.

One important reminder when posting visual content: Ask your audience to do something with it! Include a clear call to action (e.g., “Give this a like” or “Share if you agree!”) so viewers help spread your content around LinkedIn.

Another way to generate click-throughs is to add some off-topic content to mix up the style and pace of your content. When done right, entertaining visual content can build engagement and grow your audience, just don’t over do it.

#4 Use Video

Continuing with the visuals theme, using video is a proven way of increasing reach and engagement. Video humanizes you and your brand. When done well, a video can trigger powerful emotions that lead to increased engagement and trust.


If you or your colleagues are a bit camera shy, you can still create successful videos by using other means. Try using screen-recording software to create how-to videos that walk viewers through a series of useful tips about your product or service.

Play to your strengths, as a creative and don’t be afraid to be human. Just because LinkedIn is a professional network doesn’t mean you can’t slip in a fun video or showcase your personality from time to time.

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