3 ways Twitter can make your business life easier

3 ways Twitter can make your business life easier

Once upon a time social media was meant to make your life easier and increase what your business can do and who can see it, but then cat videos, memes and procrastinating kind of got in the way of productivity. Now it’s time to take back control and we’re here to help, we’ve got 3 helpful ways Twitter can make life easier for your business!

First things first though you need to know the Twitter basics. Got that? Right lets jump in.

Use Twitter for posting jobs!

In business a lot of time and money is wasted posting vacancies on job sites. Instead of throwing money at online job sites uterlize Twitter mass audience and immediacy to get quick responses from engaged and relevant clients. Ordinarily job posts won’t fit into 140 characters but if you create a section on your company’s website then you can link to it in a tweet. Use specific hashtags to keep it to an audience you want. Posting jobs this way, especially in the creative industries will entice more out the box thinkers who are very social media savvy. As well as being cheap and efficient you will also get lots of traffic to your website.

Use keywords to generate leads!

Whether you work in a marketing or sales background or not, using services like Hootsuite to search for keywords on Twitter can help you find the information and users you need to target. You can monitor any area you need to including company name, hashtags, alternative spelling or type off services you sell. You can do this even when the tweets don’t mention your name directly. An extra little tip for you is to try and search for phrases like ‘anyone recommend…’ or ‘or tips on…’ this way you can jump in and directly talk to a possible lead, creating a more personal relationship with your future customers.

Network easier and more effectively!

If you’re attending a big event, conference or networking meet you should use Twitter to get ahead of the game and make a good impression. Twitter allows you to build lists of possible influencers and big wigs that may be rubbing shoulders with. If you want to know about a possible client but want to keep your sudden knowledge gain a secret make sure you create a private list otherwise they will be able to see that you’ve been checking them out, Something as simple as retweeting one of their tweets or following them prior to the event will mean an easier introduction and could lead to a relationship between your companies.

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