3 Ways To Make Pinterest Work For Your Business

Pinterest Tips

When you’re finished looking at all the pretty vintage dresses and DIY hacks, take a moment to see how you can make Pinterest a tool to grow your business. Follow the few simple tips below, to discover how Pinterest can help you get your products and services seen by new and engaged customers.

TIP #1

In order to get the most out of Pinterest, make sure that other users can get the most out of your presence on the Pinterest. This starts at home. Make sure that your own website is Pinterest friendly so that other users can easily pin your original content.

Use ‘Pin it’ buttons on content you want to share with the world. On Pinterest itself, be certain to fill your profile with text and logos promoting your brand. Ensure that you include key words in your description and connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles to create a strong, united presence.

TIP #1 (1)

Take the time to research Pinterest so nothing surprises you. Did you know that Pinterest doesn’t allow any image (no matter how cute) that is less than 80 pixels in width and height? So make sure your images are big and bright, so they stand out and attract more audience to your business.

You can also tag people in comments. As long as you’re following someone, you can respond and interact with your audience. This creates a personal relationship with the customer and will make them come back to your business time after time.

Know all about categories Pinterest uses. Which ones apply to your business? Target your posts to the correct category to allow your audiences to find your products and services more easily. Remember to keep an eye on the most popular categories. Maybe you offer something that could be seen by over 2 million people?

There are always tips & features you may not have even known about.

TIP #1 (2)

Spend time researching the areas that get you customers and sales. Look at which Pins and Boards get the most searches and eyeballs on them. Remember to use this information to fine tune your content to maximise results.

Keep up to date with the data you’re receiving. Using Google Analytics, look out for the keywords and categories that Pinterest users are using to find your output.

Pinterest is growing massively, so make sure your business is a part of it. Just behind Facebook (and lets face it, you’re on Facebook already), Pinterest is the biggest driver of traffic in the social media world. So why not grab a piece of that? By expanding your output across a growing platform like Pinterest you will see your customer numbers, engagement and sales grow.

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