3 easy ways to grow your Facebook fans without a budget!

Grow Facebook With No Audience

If you run or work for a small business and want to get more Facebook likes without spending big money you may feel like you are stuck. Your page is full of good content, posted regularly that hits your target audience perfectly but your Facebook community is static what can you do without taking out costly Facebook ads? Here is the answer!

The key no matter what size company you’re representing is to develop relationships with others that can help you grow your page likes. Investigate those people who are thriving within your niche or look for general influencers and follow these three tips to grow your Facebook fans without a budget.

#1 Look For Promotional Swaps

The first step in this is to find companies with Facebook pages which suit yours, similar target audience, company size etc. 30 or 40 should do. Once you have these, message the brands with a brief bio and show off some of your better stats, then offer to mention their Facebook page in return for a mention on theirs. It is a tried a tested way to get more fans and more than that targeted fans liking your page. Once you have set up this relationship track which ones work best and then focus your time and efforts on them.

#2 Guest Curate For Other Pages

Content curating is the bread and butter for social marketers and by now we’re sure you’re an expert at it, so why not share your skills with others. Look for similar pages with high numbers but lacking in the content department (it occurs far more than you think) and offer them your services in return for mentions and credits. This is one step further then Tip 1 because you are actually giving them something which helps give their page authority. The pages you approach should appreciate the opportunity to mix up their content and take some of the pressure off from posting. If done effectively, something as simple as a guest article with your companies name and link to your Facebook page you can expect a few thousand likes a month.

#3 Conduct Q and A Sessions With a Twist

A great way to boost your page likes is to identify someone that your target audience admires and ask them to take park in a live Q&A. Obviously things might not work out so think of 5-10 possible influencers that your audience would be excited to hear from and talk to. Heavily promote the Q&A across your social media platforms and even create and event on Facebook and try to invite as many people to it as possible. Here are a few tips to promote the Q&A:

  • Announce the event on your Facebook page.
  • Include a link and pin it to top of your page.
  • update your page’s cover photo with a graphic of your guest and event details.
  • Send it to your email list and promote it through relevant Facebook groups.


There is no real magic way to gain organic likes for your Facebook page, its all about testing and seeing what works. When you have found that stick with and watch the numbers grow.


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