2015 wishlist


Here are a few things we think you should keep an eye on as a social marketeer in 2015.

1) Pinterest advertising platform.
Dear Pinterest. Please get your house in order and develop a high quality targeted advertising platform for us to use. It’ll be great! You can take our money and we can generate leads. We know you want to! Jokes aside, it’s coming like a runaway train and we can’t wait!

2) Growth numbers
Keep an eye on the growth of social sites and demographics that are growing. They are a key indicator to the success of each social site and could change the make up your social.

3) Your Facebook ad performance
Sounds simple right. Do a year on year comparison and see how you are getting on. Facebook promises to show less overly sales posts to users (as a result of a survey) and these changes kicked in at the turn of the year. This should emphasise the quality of your ads is becoming ever more important. Make sure it’s good.

4) Twitter offers
It has the potential to be huge and we expect this to be coming soon.

5) Instagram
Our favourite social platform has been going from strength to strength. Keep an eye on it’s performance and change in user demographics.

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