2015 – The year of video


You probably don’t need us to tell you that video was huge in 2014 and is only going to get bigger. Already boasting a 75% increase in video posts and an impressive 1 billion video views to users every day Facebook wants to be our video streaming service of choice in 2015. Furthering this aim the social giant acquired QuickFire Networks for its technology supporting high quality videos that don’t use up loads of bandwidth. This year will see them and YouTube battling it out for video supremacy.

There is of course much more to video online than YouTube and Facebook though. Vine was huge in 2014 – every second nine Tweets are sent that include a Vine video. Instagram video is taking on Vine (with up to 15 seconds of recording time against Vine’s 6) and making waves too. Videos are getting twice the engagement of photos on Instagram and there’s been a 37% increase In Instagram shares on twitter since they launched their video service. Users are clearly enjoying creating, watching and sharing video.

In terms of marketing with video there’s lots to do and loads of room for creativity, even (or especially) within the 6 or 15 second windows provided by Vine and Instagram Video. Lack of time is no excuse! For example Sony created this Inception-style beauty:

It’s interesting to watch, it shows off their wares and it even has a little nerdy reference (Cobb’s spinning top). Simply, it entertains and advertises.

So in a nutshell, in 2015 we’re going to see loads more video online. The question is, what will you be doing to use it?

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